A team driven by passion and collaboration

Syd Hurley Headshot

Syd Hurley

CEO & Founder

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Alecia B. Mackey Headshot

Alecia B. Mackey

Chief Financial Officer
& Chief Operations Officer

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Mason duPerier Headshot

Mason duPerier

Senior Vice President of Project Leasing

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Jason Howard Headshot

Jason Howard

Director of Property Management

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Robbe McNabb Headshot

Robbe McNabb

Senior Associate – Acquisitions & Development

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Katie Fox Headshot

Katie Fox

Regional Property Manager

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Reagan Tanner Headshot

Reagan Tanner

Senior Property Manager

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Raean Murray Headshot

Raean Murray

Accounting Manager

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Melissa Cruz Headshot

Melissa Cruz

Assistant Property Manager/Accountant

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Karen Smith Headshot

Karen Smith

Office Manager

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Joseph Allen Headshot

Joseph Allen

Construction & Maintenance Manager

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